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Where to park in Caorle? Not a problem if you know where to go! The seaside town, famous for the beauty of its beaches and its historical center, over the past few years has initiated several projects to facilitate the tourists who arrive in Caorle by car.

Parking spaces have grown thanks to the underground and multi-storey car parks, and hoteliers who do not have parking lots within its facilities agreed with the city administration and Caorle equity (the company of the City of Caorle) l ' "buy" seasonal parking spaces.

But we proceed with order and we see what are the Caorle parking. The first, and largest, is surely the large square at the entrance of the capital, a short distance from the water park and to the stadium. Here we are available to tourists thousands of totally free parking spaces. Parking also is really just a short distance from the seaside, no more than 600 meters. In short, the advantage is everything! On the same advantage can then count the tourists who choose to reach Caorle by bus: the Atvo station is just a stone's throw from the free parking so close to the beach.

For those who prefer to get right in the historical center, as well as a blue stripe parking lots, there are also two underground park. The first is made close to the cultural center "A. Bafile ": about seventy covered parking spaces await tourists with attractive prices especially in the evening. There are also monthly passes purchased at the Caorle Heritage offices.

The second is made part of the Redevelopment Plan that led to the building of the new Town Hall in Via Roma. Beneath the beautiful building overlooking the street and the new town hall square, is a parking lot in two basement floors, fully automated, offering another seventy cars. Here, too, special rates and ability to purchase monthly subscriptions.

Two electronic boards enable then easily to know how many parking spaces are still free in both underground park.

Another multi-storey car park (8) was recently inaugurated in the western area of ​​the capital. This is the park of the Avenue of the Tropics, placed near the Dock Clock and no more than 500 meters from the beach. The car park is divided into three floors and has over 500 cars most of which are leased by the tourism entrepreneurs to enable its guests to have a secure place to park. Other open spaces, however, remain available to all, by paying hourly rates for parking. In the summer period (from May 1 to September 30), for example, for access to the park they pay 0.50 euro from 24 to 08 in the morning, while during the day the first half hour costs € 1.50, while costing 1 euro subsequent half-hour.

But there are other car parks, particularly at the health district (dell'Astese) and elementary schools where tourism entrepreneurs rent out seasonally reserving parking spaces for its guests.

Finally, the largest Caorle parking at the entrance before the bridge (9), is connected with pedestrian / cilabile path that with only bus in summer.

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