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The beach of Caorle is divided into two different area by the City Centre: they are called the Spiaggia di Levante (East beach) and the Spiaggia di Ponente (West Beach). From their names we can understand that in the first one, we can enjoy extraordinaries sunrises, while from the dam of the West Beach it seems that the sun never goes down.


Divided by the famous reef of carved rocks, the Scogliera Viva, the long shore made of gold sand goes to East side to Triest and to West side to Venice. Starting from the uncontaminated beach of Brussa in Vallevecchia, after the mouth of the Nicesolo’s canal and up to the Porto S. Margherita’s area, Lido Altanea and the resorts of Prà delle Torri, S. Francesco and Duna Verde, the coast of Caorle is long 15 Km.


The great difference between the beach of Caorle and the beaches of the Adriatic Sea is that the services provided in the Spiaggia di Levante and the Spiaggia di Ponente are managed, a consortium that purpose every year innovation and variety in addition to the traditional service “sun-umbrella-sun bed-lifeguard”.


Blue Flag. The prestigious award is granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to the best and cleanest beaches in the world. The beach should be accessible and eco-sustainable by complying the detailed selection criteria. In addition to the infrastructures should have a low environmental effect and, last but not least the seawater must be clean and lacking in pollution.


Green Flag. This award is given by the pediatricians and grant the beach for every child entering the beach of Caorle. The child-friendly beach provides clear and low water next to the shore, clean sand suitable for castles, lifeguards, colored play area and the presence of ice-cream shop, Happy Hour bars and restaurants. Thanks to a high number of soft-drink kiosks, mobile ice-cream carts and the hotel’s coffeebar, Caorle is green!


We wrote there are two beaches, but are the similar or not?

To be precise, the Spiaggia di Levante (East side) is really wide and spacious, while in the Spiaggia di Ponente (West side) the water depth is greater and this peculiarity is due to the natural position of the beaches.

The first one becomes more family-friendly, because babies and small children could play without risks on the shore-line, while the West beach is perfect for swim lovers. In addition to in this side installs every year 6 floating platforms on the sea. They are a funny attraction if they are used with responsibility, because the sea and the tides could be tricky.


Bau Beach. The beach of Caorle is Dog-Friendly. Created 3 years ago, now it is very simply going to the beach with the dog. By renting a sun umbrella in the Bau Beach, you can relax on the Sun beds with your four-legged friend.


Once you put the dog on a leash (and muzzle for medium-big size breeds), you can walk and swim on the sea on condition that you remain into the reserved area. The day on the beach will be very funny and there isn’t any extra charge for the dog.


Do you  know where is locate the Bau Beach? You can find this are in Lungomare Trieste, at the end of the seaview-hotels and in front of the seaside summer camp you will see the Bau Beach entrance.


White Oasis. Are you searching for an exclusive place on the beach in which you can relax yourself, sunbathing and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sky?


The city of Caorle offers you a beautiful and quiet oasis made of white wood pergola. Located in the Spiaggia di Levante, far from the central beach sectors: here the privacy is assured by the great space between the sun umbrellas.


This luxury offers the couple-friendly Sun Bed: it is an intimate solutiotion and it seems to be a love-nest on the beach. The Sea Lounge protects against the sun families and group of people, because it provides a table and some chairs: it is the best solution to organize a party on the beach, isn’t it?


Among FREE services there are the daily Aquagym and Fitness lessons and the Baby Sitting & Animation service for children. Each activity is available every day in different beach sector’s. It is better to consult the official website to search for the timetable. (link a


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