Cycling holidays and holiday by bike in Caorle

1. Biking in Caorle


The perfect way to discover Caorle and its surroundings is by bike: the flat landscape and the many countryside little streets that pass through bushes and lagoon are perfect for cycling holidays lovers.

If you like to spend your time going around by bike, Caorle is the perfect starting point for trips on the two wheels discovering the nature, the culture and the local cuisine. There are circular itineraries that enter the Venetian hinterland following the flow of the rivers – like the itineraries called GiraLemene and GiraLivenza – or excursions in the lagoon in the nature oasis of Vallevecchia or along the cycling path of the lagoons, where you can mix the activity by bike and the boat experience.

Veneto hinterland has a lot to offer also in terms of history and culture: just think about the little towns of Concordia Sagittaria, Portogruaro and Oderzo, where you can still see the legacy of the past centuries in all its splendour.

Who loves biking and good wine has to know that there are also interesting food and wine itineraries like “Strada dei vini” or special itineraries on the track of typical food.

From April to October in Caorle you can find the perfect ingredients to mix the relaxation of the sea with the active discovery of the territory by bike.

Is it better in Spring – when the days get longer and the nature awakens with blooming - in Summer – when you can pedal under the trees shadows  - or in Autumn – when you can enjoy the foliage?

Every season in Caorle gives unique colours, perfumes and sensations, especially if you live it by bike: which one would you like to start with?

2. Cycling paths (

Blow up your wheels, fill your water bottle, take a map or activate the GPS. Then keep your eyes wide open to enjoy the landscape and warm up your muscles and get ready to pedal.

You need so little to go through the cycling paths of Caorle and surroundings!

There are many different cycling routes that you can challenge in Caorle hinterland: some are more demanding, indicated for trained cyclists, other are shorter, perfect also for families with children.

We differentiated the cycling paths according to their type: the ones that will take you into the nature, the “cultural” ones, that go through towns and villages, and, finally, the “foodies” where you can find the local cuisine.

Each one is indicated in the map with information like points of interests, length in km and estimated duration.

Now all you have to do is to choose the itinerary you like the most and leave. Enjoy your ride!

2.1. Nature itineraries by bike

2.1.1. GiraLivenza (

Leave from Caorle and ride 24 km of nature along Livenza river.

From Caorle city centre ride along the light blue bycicle path till Saetta bridge, at the gates of the city, then follow the path until you reach the Ecopark, the new parking lot of Caorle.

Pass the roundabout and continue along Strada Provinciale SP62 that winds along the Livenza riverbed in a countryside landscape surrounded by harvested fields and light blue skies. When you arrive in Ca’ Corniani you can make a deviation and visit the farming centre that is a nice example of the old Venetian farming villages of the XIX Century: in the past here lived the peasants who worked in the estate. Today the village is still inhabited and in Ca’ Corniani there is the namesake winery where lunch, dinners and wine sipping are organized.

When you pass the farming village you will clearly see the road sign that indicated the beginning of the path called GiraLivenza along the river bank of Livenza river. Get on the river barrier and pedal till Ca’ Cottoni, where you will see the little church coloured in pastel situated along the river.

At this point you will have to go back to Strada Provinciale SP62: pay attention to the cars passing by and pass the little village of Ca’ Cottoni. Ride along the river bank of canal Livenza Morta. The rural landscape of Western Veneto made of wide fields and white clouds mirroring in the canals will continue to flow while you ride back towards Ca’ Corniani.

If during your way there you didn’t stop or you just had a quick look, now it could be the perfect moment to enjoy a real break visiting the winery.  (LINK????? CONTATTI??).

Then, back on the seat of your bike, go back from where you arrived heading to Caorle. Soon you will be at the starting point of your bike itinerary.

Lenght: 24 km

Estimated duration: 2:30 h

Difficulty level: easy

Kind of path: paved and dirt road


2.1.2. The Venetian coastal route by bike (Litoranea Veneta) (

The Adriatic coast of Veneto region is characterized by a wide lagoon landscape with canals that intersect each other and rivers flowing into the sea. On the seat of your bike you can cover the Venetian coastal route that connects the cities and villages situated along the coast of the High Adriatic Sea: thanks to the Venetian coastal route Caorle is connected to the beach of Bibione nearby, but also south to Jesolo, Chioggia, Adria and Rovigo.

Litoranea Veneta is a long path that can be covered in all its length through short legs, or for short parts of it according to time disposal and destinations you would like to visit the most.

You can find the 5 itineraries that compose the Litoranea Veneta with maps, descriptions of the paths, length and duration on the website of Veneto Region.

On our website instead, you can find bike itineraries in Caorle surroundings: the cycling path between Caorle and Bibione and the cycling route between Caorle and Portogruaro, together with many other cycling paths among nature, culture and food.

2.1.3. Cycling itinerary between Caorle and Bibione

Leave from Caorle by bike along the bycicle path that flanks the dock with the fishermen’s boats. Pedal till Saetta bridge, at the gates of the city; then follow the path till the Ecopark, the new parking lot of Caorle.

Take the Strada Provinciale SP59 and ride along it for about 2,5 km paying attention to cars because it is pretty congested. Cross the bridge over a small canal and turn right in Riello Street. Ride along the street until you reach Lemene river that crosses the small village of San Gaetano, than keep going on flanking the river until you reach Marango and Strada Provinciale SP42.

Be careful because SP42 is a congested way: pay attention while you ride along SP42 for about 3 km till the small town of Sindacale. Go through and ride along Villaviera Street towards Castello di Brussa. From Castello di Brussa you will ride again along SP42 till Lugugnana passing through a rural landscape composed of wide fields, villas immersed in the countryside and small groups of houses.

When you arrive at the crossroad of Lugugnana continue along SP42 for a short distance till you find on the right Musili Street, a tranquil street that enters the reclaimed landscape of Western Veneto among corn, soy and wheat fields and old farming estates. Zigzagging you will reach Terzo Bacino, reclaimed land adjacent to the lagoon of Bibione: soon you will be pedalling along Santo Falcomer Street while a canal is flowing on your right. On that canal mirrors the last strips of Val Grande nature area.

Reach the roundabout on Strada Provinciale SP74, cross Bibione bridge and continue along the cycling path that will carry you to the centre of the beach resort.

Length: 50 km

Estimated duration: 4:00 h

Difficulty level: easy

Kind of path: paved and dirt road

2.1.4. Vallevecchia

Vallevecchia is a wonderful nature oasis (LINK) situated on the Adriatic coast between the beach resorts of Caorle and Bibione: about 900 hectares of shielded nature where you can admire the lagoon landscape of Veneto region and a still unspoiled beach characterized by a system of dunes typical of this coastal area. Here you can also see migratory birds and savage animals

A pleasant itinerary by bike is the one flowing inside the nature oasis of Vallevecchia which can be reached also by bike from Caorle (read the itinerary from Caorle to Vallevecchia LINK) or by car (and from there you can continue exploring on the two wheels).

From the parking lot (paid admission in Summer) of Vallevecchia you can cover by bike, by foot or by horse a circular itinerary that flanks the pinewood, the fields and some humid areas where it is usual to see migratory birds, especially in some periods of the year.

From the parking lot - before entering the pinewood that you can cross to reach the beach - turn right and follow the dirt road parallel to the coast. While on the left there is a thick pinewood where cicadas chirp, on the right you can see a level ground bush and, at its back, fields and extensive plantations.

After about 3 km you reach a crossroad: if you continue straight you reach the far end of Vallevecchia turning around Falconera humid area, while on the other side there is the canal that separates the nature oasis from Porto Falconera and its casoni island.

If you continue along the main ring you will bump into many sightseeing points where you can stop to admire the surrounding landscape, the local flora and fauna. Keep going and you will cross other humid areas: Canadare and, after a little path that crosses harvested fields, Cavanella humid areas, both on the left.

At this point you are crossing the main street that you covered to reach the parking lot at your arrival: keep going straight on flanking the canal till it crosses another canal. It is Baseleghe canal.

Follow its curvy path just before it flows into the sea, cross the small bridge and then continue on this street along another canal (Canal Cavanella) that will bring you to the Nature Museum of Vallevecchia.

Stop there to visit the museum and discover the area thanks to the promotional material. Here are often organized laboratories for children.

Inside the museum you can also see the reconstruction of a typical lagoon casone that you surely saw by real during your bike ride: casoni are the typical fishermen houses of the lagoon used in the past by fishermen during the Winter.

For those willing to discover better the lagoon and the nature oasis of Vallevecchia it is possible to take part to guided tours by bike and boat (more information here).

Map and details

Lenght: 15 km

Estimated duration: 2:00 h

Difficulty level: easy

Kind of path: dirt road and boardwalks for bikes

2.1.5. Bike itinerary to Laguna del Mort (

Laguna del Mort is a portion of lagoon situated between Caorle and Venice, near the mouth of river Piave. In the past this lagoon was the last part of the river, branch that “died” after a floating that moved the mouth of the river where it is situated nowadays.

Laguna del Mort is an area 125 hectare wide; flora and fauna typical of the lagoon landscape of high Adriatic Sea characterize it.

For those loving excursions in the nature, Laguna del Mort is a nice destination that can be discovered by bike; moreover it is an easy itinerary that can be reached leaving from Caorle.

From Caorle fishing dock ride along the bycicle path, cross Saetta Bridge and continue along Strada Sansonessa along the bycicle path towards Altanea. When you arrive at the big roundabout that brings you outside the city take the second exit SP54 and keep the right.

Then turn lightly left and reach the riverbank of Canal Revedoli. Turn left and follow the flow of the river until you reach the wonderful Laguna del Mort, totally dipped in the nature.

Here you are the path files gpx and kml

The map with google mp

Lenght: 34 km

Estimated duration: 3:00 h

Difficulty level: medium

Kind of path: paved and dirt road

2.2. Culture itineraries by bike

Bike path between Caorle and Portogruaro

Itinerario La Salute torre di mosto

Itinerario casoni

2.3. Food and wine itineraried by bike

Strada dei vini

3. Bike events

4. Bike hotel (mappe+ video)


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