CaorleBy ... bike!

The tourism is being green and sustainable.


“Caorleby” is a new project organized by a club made up a part of the hotelier’s association. It allows you to safely bike through the main city ways and, of course, to easily reach Vallevecchia or the Lemene's waterfront. The idea comes from 13 hotels, the water transport firm “Verderame” and “From sand to rock”, a bike-tour operator recognized by the National Mountain Bike Academy.

Caorleby provides different stretches for example the seafront path "Caorle beach”, which links Caorle to the Mort’s lagoon (Eraclea), biking through Porto Santa Margherita, Lido Altanea and Duna Verde.


Other routes are even more amazing. “Caorle boat” is a brand new stretches that provides the transport on a Burcio, a special boat designed to carry up to 25 people, and their bikes, from the Fisherman Island (Falconera, Caorle) to the Brussa. After 45 minutes in the lagoon across the wonderful landscapes, you will reach the uncontaminated district of Brussa. The cycling path goes through the natural oasis called “Vallevecchia”, famous for its biodiversity and its great avifauna. This way also includes a stop at the birdwatching tower.


You will enjoy a carry boat also by booking the path “Caorle History”. The starting point is again the Fishermen Island and the Burcio will carry you up to the countryside of San Gaetano. Here you can take the GiraLemene Path, a riverfront that links the archeological ways of Concordia and Portogruaro.


The Caorleby’s concept is taking the advantage from skilled tour guide provided by “From Sand to Rock”. 


Being local experts they explain the beauty and the ricinse of this corner of the region. 

To be precise, each guide is at guests disposal every Wednesday and for the Caorleby’s hotels is free of charge. The routes “Caorle boat” and “Caorle History” are also available on Thursday.


In addition to, "From Sand To Rock" organizes everyday guided tour made up mountain bike trips exploring the Venetian and Friulian coastlines, lagoons and inland trails. In order to discover the whole Veneto’s landscapes, for example the Ve

nice lagoon’s waterfront or the Mountains, they also guarantee the support of an automobile and at a pinch for helping bikers.


So take your bike and discover the beauty of the Caorle’s landscape! 



“Caorle Boat” the burcio will start at 9:30 AM from the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen Island) and it starts from the landing place in Brussa at 2 PM


“Caorle History” the burcio will start at 9 AM from the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen Island) and it starts from the landing place in San Gaetano at 4 PM


On Wednesday the price of the tour will be a small amount of euro in order to covers the transportation 


on the typical Burcio 



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