White Oasis luxury beach

White Oasis Fancy a peaceful day on the beach


Fancy a peaceful day on the beach without noisy neighbors? Are you searching for a wide space with beach lounger in shelter from the sun? The White Oasis is the right place for you.

The White Oasis is the first luxury area on the foreshore of Caorle. Located on the East beach (L5), it was planned by the Consorzio Arenili Caorle, that is the owner of the brand Caorlespiaggia.it.

This beach area has many white stands in order to provide the satisfaction for both small and big groups: on one side there is the  “Sun Bed” designed for the two people, which have sun beds. The second option is the “Sea Lounge”, which is created for bigger groups (up to 8 people), in which in addition to the sunbeds, a wood table give you the perception of being in a open living room on the beach. Both “Sun Bed” and “Sun Lounge” are wider than the pergola shape arbours created on the neighbor beaches in Veneto and the most important aspect is that they are located 6/7 meters away from each other. That is why the White Oasis give you for sure an exclusive stay with absolute privacy.

It often happens that somewhere else the luxury beach area is located behind the existing seasonal beach installation, while the "White Oasis" would purpose the most enjoyable stay. The pergola shape arbours are built by the sea with weatherproof material. Hence there are no reasons to dream the exotic destinations!

"It concerns a pilot project ”, said the President of  Consorzio Arenili of Caorle, Riccardo Rothmuller, “that aims at providing a high service to five-star holidaymakers. This business year will be useful to understand and satisfy the luxury market segment and to improve  our supply with similar equipment on the West Beach.” Nowadays the “White Oasis”, as the whole beach of Caorle includes every kind of amenities and entertainment, Beach volleyball and aqua gym facilities, baby sitting, playground equipment, lifeguard service and, of course, toilettes. A private food and beverage area will shortly feature in this luxurious corner.


The booking system will be really simply: the online booking will be soon available on www.caorlespiaggia.it.

You can easily book your "beach place" at home using the credit card. The price for the “Sun Bed” is 30 Euro, while a day in the “Sea Lounge” costs 50 Euro. After the payment is necessary to print the coupon and to show it at the entrance; then the staff service will lead the guest to the chosen place.

The “White Oasis” opening day was on 05th of July and from the beginning it has received a positive feedback. It is a clear index, that tourists would enjoy the sea and the sand in a luxurious atmosphere. “Thanks to this brand new offer”, said R. Rothmuller, “the L5 beach bay remains one of the best efforts among the activities of the Consorzio Arenili, featuring a high quality service and being a prototype for the future product development.”





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