Ti racconto Caorle lagoon

Telling a story of Caorle This is a mini series promoted by Caorle.it

It discloses the secrets of the small seaside by interviewing the main characters of the city.

The local people of Caorle, the Caorlotti, feature the starring role in the play. They are proud to live in a beautiful place full of wonders and for sure this characteristic represents the difference between Caorle and the other beaches in Veneto.


The Caorle.it's camera caught the soul of Caorle, that before being a tourism destination is a community of people, who loves greeting and welcoming guests. The hospitality in Caorle is genuine as only relative and friends could give you. That is why very often the tourists proudly say, they know the authentic local people of Caorle... Watch the video and enjoy the storytelling.

 Fishing on the lagoon

From the beginning Caorle's community lived on lagoon fishing. Since the small boats were not suitable for sailing in blue water, lagoon water had everything to offer to the people, who lived almost year round in reed huts next to the workplaces. But with the introduction of motorboat which has permitted the sea fishing and the privatization of lagoon fishing valleys, the area dedicated to fishermen progressively narrowed. For these reasons the video is a short but direct evidence of Caorle and its thousand-year old story.


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