Sea excursions and more: Caorle is a variety

Caorle and the sea, and Caorle the lagoon, Caorle and fishing.

It is in all three cases inseparable pairs, of its consolidated through years and years of historic traditions as much as today.

And while talking about the waters that surround our beautiful town is normal to associate these with tourism beach, opportunities to take advantage of different offers on the agenda.

In this context are the boat trips.

We told you some time ago novelty of 2013, the fishing tourism:

But the offer caorlotta obviously does not stop here, in fact it can also count on the spacious, modern ferries that travel on various routes to please everyone.

The first destination that comes to mind is our lagoon, teeming with life stories, traditions of fishing, but also of a unique and untouched nature.

In these magical places, even Ernest Hemingway would lose his head, and can be reached by just sitting on the deck of the ship called Rainbow.

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Recently renovated and sleek, the boat of the Rossetti family follows a now classic. The departure is from the fishing port and from there proceed towards the lagoon over a bridge Lightning, the last manually operated movable bridge in the Veneto.
The lagoon opens in its majesty shortly thereafter and immediately gives a breathtaking view. During an excursion of this kind it is possible to admire a truly unique landscape, with unique flora and fauna so characteristic.
Before returning to port are also expected to dock and stop in one of our very well known casoni. On that special occasion you can also enjoy typical dishes of the fishing tradition of the cason, such as sardines grilled or "broetto."
Many are the routes proposed by Ruzza family with their ship “Caorle”

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In business for more than 20 years, it is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to visit Venice and its wonders approaching it through the waterways familiar to them.
With fixed time starting at 8:00 from our fishing port, after passing along the beaches of the arrival in the capital of the lagoon is spectacular sight. Docking is a stone's throw from Piazza San Marco and from then on you may choose to do whatever you want.
Venice offers so much, including history and culture, that one day is not enough not even to taste. The return to our beautiful Caorle is scheduled for 16:00.
Throughout the week, except for Saturday, the ship Caorle also propose nightlife, with departure at 21:00 and return at 22:30 off of our town to be able to admire the sea and be able to breathe the good air brackish summer.
The view is even more spectacular during the fireworks.
Newer construction is the shipFenice” that goes back and forth between Caorle and Bibione Porto Baseleghe.

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Owned by the Martin family, the ship offers several alternatives with itineraries that touch both Venice and the lagoon of Caorle. The offers do not stop there. Also there Are organized tours that take guests also in Chioggia, at the Venetian islands, and even in Grado Trieste.
Furthermore, it is also possible to organize ceremonies and events on board the ship in accordance with the captain and crew.
Here, then, once again there is a variety of offers for caorlotta’s tourism and is able to satisfy the most discerning palate, combining history, sea and relaxation.
Ask and Caorle will answer!

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