Porto santa margherita... "di sapori"

Perhaps not everyone knows that this year Porto Santa Margherita is going

to be a very special anniversary: being the fraction of the City of Caorle, is celebrating its first 50 years. That's right,  it was in the early sixties of the last century that, in the course of the following decade, it underwent a major expansion, thanks to its vocation purely nautical. In Porto Santa Margherita was in fact built one of the first docks of all North Adriatic which brought prestige to the whole Eastern Veneto.
To celebrate this milestone, the Pro Loco of Caorle, businesses, restaurants and public exercises of the fraction have decided to organize a full program of events that will take place all the summer . The first event is scheduled for Sunday, the 2nd  of June: This is the revival of the event, Un Mare di Sapori”" which, for the first time, it abandons Caorle to arrive at Porto Santa Margherita. Throughout the day (from 11am to 5pm) in the pedestrian area of Corso Genova will remain open, featuring wooden houses which visitors will be able to taste the dishes prepared by the restaurants of Porto Santa Margherita. This gastronomic journey will, of course, satisfy lovers of good wine and will indeed be proposed tastings of local wines to match with the fish of Caorle and other delicacies prepared by the chefs of Porto Santa Margherita. The event, which is sponsored by the City of Caorle, has in its previous editions, attracted thousands of people by means of the unique flavors of the local “caorlotta”.cuisine.
After the gastronomic journey of "A Porto Santa Margherita di Sapori", the organizers of the program of events of the summer resorts, have decided to offer an interesting craft market, and typical products which will open its doors on Sunday the 9th of June. From 9am – 8pm,  fans can visit numerous stands and bookstalls that offer for sale fine craft products on the pedestrian area of Corso Genova, At the same time the market will be open a booth dedicated to the distribution of beer: the organizers have thought, in fact, to entertain even  the young ones with a "Beer Festival".!!
The fun in Porto Santa Margherita, however, continues throughout the summer. Among the various events already in the program, there is going to be a market: "Goodness and Beauty"  the dates are :(June 8, June 22,, July 13th, 21st August and 30 August, the hours will be from 6pm- 11pm, again in Corso Genova),  during which you can visit many stands, where you can buy food , herbal and health products.
And finally, a welcome return,  is  the "Feast of the Calamaro," one of the most important festivals around the Eastern Veneto: from August 9 to August 15, in Via Dei Greci, in the vicinity of the church "Beato Giovanni  XXIII",  will be set up big tent under which hundreds of people can enjoy the fish of Caorle cooked by the hands of the fishermen themselves.

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