The wine roads doc Lison Pramaggiore

Eight whites and five reds, there are so many wines of controlled origin Lison-Pramaggiore.

Even the roads are so many wines, dotted with farms and cellars.
The vines of the doc Lison-Pramaggiore thrive from the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone almost to the sea, almost 400 hectares of crops and many companies who practice organic farming.
But what are the roads of wine? These routes are developed and wind through various cities and territories in which the vines are grown and produced wine. They also offer a way to enjoy the local specialties and to get acquainted with the hospitality of all the facilities.
The food and wine tours are developed in the neighborhood of three zones: classical, Tagliamento and Livenza.


The classic area, mostly linked to the inland historic Roman and medieval times, is headed by one of the City of Wine, Portogruaro, and is in contact with other towns with a cultural background to the foreground as Concordia Sagittaria, Belfiore, Summaga Loncon and Lison, This is known internationally for its wine production and from which it derives its name Lison-Pramaggiore.

The area of the Tagliamento part from Concordia, ideal arrival point of the classic, and comes to cross over into the neighboring province of Pordenone Friuli, to the town of Cordovado, home of the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, a shining example of Venetian baroque. The eastern border of the land of wines doc is marked by Bibione, popular seaside village of the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, also known for its elegant spa facilities.


 The area of Livenza, finally, also includes our beautiful Caorle.
It starts from Meduna di Livenza, with its medieval heritage of ancient villas, passing through Motta di Livenza, from prehistoric and Roman cultivation of the vines.

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In the village of S.Stino Livenza you can admire old churches and frescoes. In places Corbolone addition, during the last week of September, you can visit the exhibition of local wines.
For Annone Veneto, which is also the City of Wine, the old reclamation allowed the cultivation of vineyards. Of this site are typical the "Fiera of Osei" and the "Feast of Harvest" are used respectively on the last Sunday of August and the first Sunday of September.

For Annone you can visit the wine cellar of the wine cellars Paladin where a sommelier will suggest interesting wine tastings and wine pairings with foods.

Continue to Pramaggiore, headquarters of the Veneto Region, which it shares with Lison the honor of the denomination doc wines produced in the area. In places Blessaglia also takes place during the month of September, the traditional festival "Poenta and Osei." Following Surrounded Caomaggiore, home to churches and frescoes.

Even this path extends to the Friuli, touching Sesto al Reghena, where we find the famous abbey, adorned with frescos by Giotto. It then goes on to Pravisdomini, the center of ancient origin, with the interesting Palazzo Girardi. It ends with the Renaissance frescoes of Chions, finally arriving at Caorle, our beloved fishing port, with its well-known historical center and its cultural heritage. In places Marango, in the hamlet of Eighth Receptacle, the seat of the historic farm The Frassina, in business since 1939 and is part of the wine-growing area Lison-Pramaggiore.

In the coastal capital, however, there are different rooms where you can taste or buy scented fragrances and aromas of fine wines "Lison-Pramaggiore." These include the historic wine Enos, in business since 1958, offering the tasting events accompanied by live music from the best jazz musicians of the triveneto, the wine bar Al Gatto Nero, also a promoter of shows / tastings, and the point of sale 500VINI, opened in early 2008 in the historic center.

The experience of the operators guarantees, finally, the best combination of a good wine with the typical towns, especially the fish dishes, which are served in the company in one of the excellent local restaurants.

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