“GUS TI AMO” - “Let we taste” Caorle in autumn.

The typical flavours of Caorle, of its sea and its hinterland, the tools and the utensils of the anglers,

the writing texts, the literary works and the songs, which tell about Caorle. If you also want to discover these aspects of the Pearl of Adriatic, “Gus ti Amo” –“Let we taste” Caorle in autumn is the ideal event for you. On Sunday, the 18th of November, the Pro Loco of Caorle in collaboration with the Municipal district and other associations propose this event, which wants to become a real review of everything that the city and the territory can offer to the autumnal visitors. From 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. in the old town (Matteotti square, Rio Terrà and Roma Street), many gastronimical programs will wait for the guests of the event. They will be dedicated to the typical products of the season, from the vegetables and the fruits, in particular the radicchio and the chestnuts, to the mushrooms and then sausages, jams, marmalades, honey, cheeses and in the end obviously the typical dishes of the cooking of Caorle together with the wines of the zone. People who want to taste the wine will have the possibility to sample Prosecco and other sparkling wines, the classical Lison, the local Refosco and other wines, which are produced in this zone. A particular attention will be paid to the fresh fish, just caught by the anglers of the historical city marine. People, who remember the events of the project “A sea of savours” of few years ago, will not be disappointed in the event of Sunday, which will create many folklore moments. Exhibitions of choristers and philharmonic members, shows of craft local products, distribution of mulled wine and chestnuts are in program. Please pay attention and do not miss the stands, which will be prepared in the old town because you can risk losing one of the secrets, which make Caorle a unique locality, where the union between tourism and tradition has created an exciting place both in summer and in the other periods of the year.

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