The Coast road of Veneto: a dream of landscapes to live into the saddle.

To be in contact with nature, with the rural landscape with its silences and its colours, which change from season to season, tasting the pleasure of a “slow” discover of the territory’s secrets, getting on a bicycle.

If you cannot renounce all this, Caorle is your ideal destination. Clicking on other links of the website “Percorsi in bici” you can find the maps and the descriptions of many cycle-touristic itineraries, which regard the hinterland of Caorle and the near naturalistic oasis of Vallevecchia. Today we want to tell you about a unique way that can permit you to go along the whole coast road of Veneto, always on your bicycle, and to reach Caorle, the near beach of Bibione and to discover Chioggia and Cavanella D’Adige going south. This cycle-touristic way is called “Province of Venice, the Coast Road of Veneto:5 charming daily excursions on the bicycle”, and it permits to the lovers of this mean, to discover the coastal side of the province in safety and to plunge into landscapes, which are very relevant from the environmental point of view. As you can understand from the name, the itinerary is composed of 5 different ways. Every way will take you only one day. You can also have long walks on bicycles and compress this travel in few stages. Starting from the most southern place of the itinerary- Cavanella d’Adige-, the first way permits you to reach the Island of Pellestrina, crossing the lagoon and the centre of Chioggia, which is an ancient town of fishers and where fishing is the most important activity nowadays too. The second tour starts from Pellestrina and reaches the Isola del Lido di Venezia and Puntasabbioni or, alternatively, you can choose a second way which starts from Tronchetto, crosses Parco San Giuliano (which is famous for its green spaces and also for concerts and events) and reaches Lido di Venezia and Puntasabbioni. From here the third way starts. It is a beautiful itinerary to Lio Piccolo and the Mesole; it goes along the lagoon and the Podelio Canal reaching Jesolo. The fourth itinerary is characterized by the drainage’s landscapes; from Conche di Cavallino it reaches Caorle, the Pearl of Adriatic. The street permits you to see the Sile, the near beach of Lido di Jesolo, the pinewood of Eraclea Mare and the way of the draining pumps. The fifth and last way regards the most northern part of the province. From the old town of Caorle, you will travel in order to discover Isola dei Pescatori with its typical “casoni”, which are made of swamp reed, and then Val Grande, Porto Baseleghe and Bibione, the twin beach of Caorle. By the Iat offices of the Provice, the dépliants and other material about these 5 ways are available in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and French).

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