A cultural August in Caorle

August has already begun and at last, the Italian people can enjoy the well-deserved holiday in Caorle. After a July, which is very rich in events, the pearl of Adriatic is ready to offer many high-quality appointments again. This time we dwell upon the opportunities that the touristic locality offers from the cultural point of view. The principal event is surely the review, which is dedicated to the books and organized by the municipal administration, and that is titled “Incontro con l’autore” (Meeting with the author). During this valuable initiative, some great authors as Dacia Mariani and Romano Toppan and many famous people of the television as the singer Enzo Ghinazzi, with the stage-name of “Pupo” have already been in Caorle. In August, the calendar of the review plans the first appointment tonight: Silvio Cattarina will be on the stage, which is present in Vescovado square, near the bell tower, which is the symbol of the city. He will present his book “Torniamo a casa” (Come back home). Itaca Edizioni and he will explain the experience of the author and his help to the drug addicts. Tomorrow, on the 2nd of August, the appointment is dedicated to the nature, and to the lovers of the photography. The naturalist photographer Roberto Berloni will be the guest of the evening and he will present the book “Splendita natura del Nord America” (Wonderful nature in the North of America) Punto Marte Editore. You cannot absolutely miss also the event on the 3rd of August. The guests of the evening will be two, father and son: that is to say Mauro and Matteo Corona, who will speak about two books “ Come sasso nella corrente” ( As a stone in the current) and “ Nelle mani dell’uomo corvo” (In the hands of the crow-man) published by Mondadori. There is no more to tell about Mauro Corona: alpinist, sculptor, writer, and a shy man who has already gift many emotions to millions of people in Italy. Matteo is very different from the father: as he had said in the past in many occasions, the father has had an excessive life. He has a quiet life but he certainly remains an able writer. The writer and journalist Edoardo Pittalis will take part as moderator. After a short pause, on the 7th of August there will be the meeting with Giuliano Ramazzina, who is the author of “Virusman,” published by Officina Contemporanea. Ramazzina is an attentive reporter about the events in the North-East and in all his books he has explained the sociological and important implications of our society. During the evening, there will be also a monologue of the actor Stefano Paiusco. After the 15th of August, other 5 appointments are planned. On the 21st of August, on Tuesday, Mario Pettoelo will present his book “Nelle terre basse” of Bononia University Press. The catholic writer Francesco Agnoli will be the guest of the evening on the 23rd of August (on Thursday). In this occasion, he will present the book “Scienziati dunque credenti” (scientists also believers) Edizioni Cantagalli. On the 24th of August there will be the meeting with Mauro Bon, the lover of the lagoon who will present the work “ Forme del vivere in Laguna” published by Centro Studi Riviera del Brenta. Lucilla Gusso and Francesco Fontana will be the moderators of the meeting. The end of the important review plans the meeting with to writers of Caorle: On the 28th of August (on Tuesday) Mario “Musigna” Rossetti will present his very delicate “Storia lagunare di un gabbiano e un pescatore”, on the 30th of August Vittorio Emanuele Dalla Bella will speak about “ IL portasigarette d’Argento” published by Pubblicaorle, an historical novel about the Italian war of the submarines during the Second World War.

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