The summer of caorle gets to the heart.

Beauties by the sea, fireworks and “grill meat”: The summer of caorle gets to the heart. After a day under the sunlight on the beach, what is better than enjoy in the evening some hours of great amusement?

People who will choose and who has chosen Caorle in July in order to spend their holidays will have the embarrassment of choice as regards the events and the manifestations, because the touristic operators of the city really know how to guarantee a perfect holiday to their guests. If you run through the list of the appointments of July, you will find some events that you cannot absolutely miss. The first one is “Griglie Roventi,” the world championship of barbeque, which also returns this year, in order to give life to the beach of Levante in Caorle. The area will be prepared on the 26th of July on the beach of Sacheta. Here the aspirant champions will challenge with forks and spices. Every year thousands of faithful spectators will be present to the cookery and sympathy competition: in addition to the taste, the inspiration and originality are very important in order to win “Griglie Roventi.” Looks also count: in July two beauty contests are also planned (at 09.00 p.m.) The first will take place on the 13th of July. That is to say “Miss Venice,” the competition that will elect the miss of the summer of the province of Venice. In Caorle, in Matteotti square one of the last evening in preparation for the final of Venice will take place. The second beauty contest will crown the most beautiful girl of Caorle: on Sunday, the 29th of July in Chiosco Havana, in Lungomare Trieste, there will be “Miss Estate- Città di Caorle” (Miss Summer – City of Caorle). It is a unique occasion that you cannot miss if you cannot resist the female charm. People who do not want to renounce the culture and the knowledge can certainly join the review “Incontro con l’autore” (Meeting with the author) which is promoted by the municipal administration. In Vescovado square, at 09.00 p.m. some of the most important Italian authors, who have written the top sellers of the last period, will be on the stage box in order to discuss about their last works. Among the guests of the review, there will be Dacia Maraini ( on the 19th of July) with her last book “La Grande Festa”, Romano Toppan ( on the 24th of July) with his “Viaggio” and Enzo Ghinazzi, better known with the stage-name of “Pupo”, who will speak about his “Confessioni” on the 31st of July. Gruppo Teatrale Caorlotto proposes another beautiful review, which is dedicated to the theatre. From the beginning to the end of July, two evenings will be dedicated to the Commedia D’Autore (official comedy). In Duna Verde, on the 13th of July on the stage box of Madonnetta square, at 09.00 p.m. the actors of “Piccolo Teatro di Sacile” will perform “Le Baruffe Chizzotte” of Carlo Goldoni, on Saturday, on the 21st of July at 09.00 p.m. the guests of Porto Santa Margherita can laugh with “Missione dal Paradiso.” That is to say a show, which is proposed by Gruppo Teatrale Caorlotto in Portesin square. There is much more to say about this July in Caorle. Before leaving you, we have to remind you the expected fireworks, which will light the night of Saturday the 14th of July. Everyone will look up along the beach of Ponente, near the mouth of river Livenza, in order to enjoy the very coloured fireworks, which both grown-ups and children loved.

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