Vallevecchia: a naturalistic oasis


Vallevecchia: a naturalistic oasis just few steps from the sea, The presence of a wide naturalistic oasis – only few km far from the sea - is a feature, which is not common for many Italian and European beaches.



From this point of view, Caorle surely represents an exception thanks to the presence of ValleVecchia, the green lung of the zone. The tourists who choose Caorle for their own holiday can live a unique experience in the middle of one of the most beautiful humid areas of Europa: that is to say ValleVecchia. “ Isola di ValleVecchia -ValleVecchia Island” extends for about 900 hectares along the coast, which includes the countries of Caorle and Bibione. It is surrounded by lagoon, marine and fluvial waters, which have created an interesting environmental complexity that was partially simplified by the man with some drainage operations that had been following each other from the 60s. Nowadays the “wildest” area maintains its unique charm: plunged in the quietness of the humid area, among cane thickets and bushes you can have the possibility to observe many different species of birds and in addition – obviously- some breath-taking landscapes. The same panoramas were beloved by the great American writer Hernest Hemingway. In order to write his book “Across the River and Into the Trees,” he was inspired by the beauties of ValleVecchia. In addition to the humid zones, there are a beach, where it is possible to admire the last summit dunes of Adriatic Sea, a luxurivv5

ance pinewood and obviously the farm landscape of the reclaimed land. The area is nowadays property of Veneto Agricoltura, that is to say the agency of Region of Veneto that has started an intense program of valorisation of the area on the touristic point of view. One of the most prestigious elements of this program of valorisation is certainly the Environmental Museum of ValleVecchia, the most important centre, which welcomes the natural area of the whole province of Venezia. The museum was built in an ex-drying room of Veneto Agricoltura. The design of the three storeys of the structure was realized by Cooperativa Limosa: here every naturalistic, historical and productive peculiarity of Caor

le’s lagoon and of ValleVecchia are illustrated. The visitors can admire plastic explicative panels, dioramas and also interactive positions which permit to discover the secrets of the “green lung” of Caorle.  In the museum, a “casone” cannot obviously miss: the typical bathing hut, which is made of swamp canna and which has been sheltering the fishers of Caorle for many centuries. If you come to Caorle you cannot lose the occasion to visit the very interesting exposition which is dedicated to ValleVecchia and which is open from 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. in according to a pre-arranged calendar: every Sunday in April and May, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June to September, on the contrary every first Saturday of every month from October to March. For the groups it is finally possible to enter the museum every day upon reservation. The admission fee is very moderate: € 3.00, under 12 children do not pay. “Cooperativa di Operatori Naturalisti Limosa” offers many other activities that permit the tourists to completely live ValleVecchia. For example, every year we organize an interesting program of excursions on foot, by bike or by a gig, that is trained by horses, at the discover of the most wonderful landscapes of the naturalistic oasis. “Cooperativa Ape” also offers the rent service for bicycles during the summer and the spring. It permits to live a day in total freedom in this precious “paradise’s corner”.



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