Wellbeing & Wellness Holiday in Caorle

Wellbeing a Caorle



In Caorle we can count on a limitless power source: the sea.

Walking along the beach at dawn in a warm summer day when the seafront is still desert and morning air lukewarm, or at sunset on a crisp fall day while playing with the dog on the seafront or improvising a picnic on the sand… Everything made by the sea is restoring!


The sea is a cuddle that you have to give yourself in each period of the year because of its healing and relaxing properties and for its weird but recognised ability to counterbalance body and mind.

Beyond the sea, that is the natural ingredient with undeniable healing capacities, there are many other wellness opportunities in Caorle: the rich proposal of beauty shops where you can go every time you need a body treatment, or even the centres that unify the body wellness to the peace of senses thanks to a wide offer of regenerating and relaxing massages, some of them based on innovative practises imported from the East.

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